Our executive is composed of students from a variety of faculties, and our VP (Academic) can help members with questions about research opportunities, awards, and scholastic strategies.


Every year, our chapter holds service and fundraising events in support of a variety of charities, including Little Warriors and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.


The UAlberta Golden Key chapter provides a plethora of opportunities for members to hone their leadership skills. Students are welcome to stand for election for an existing executive position, or to create and run for a new position.


Our members – handpicked based on their demonstrated commitment to these three aspects – are encouraged to serve the greater good, and to better the campus community, the City of Edmonton, and the world at large.

As the University of Alberta’s official chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society, we strive to demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and service in all our activities.


Membership invites are sent to students in the top 15% of their class.


Golden Key provides a unique opportunity for students to join like minded and similarly dedicated individuals to contribute to a great cause, service, or just to have fun as a group! Our chapter offers a vast array of resources and advice in addition to a multitude of initiatives that our members can become a part of.

  • Start your own project
  • Contribute to charities and fundraisers
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative
  • Be a part of the Golden Mentors
  • Contribute to Youth Empowerment
  • Expand your leadership skills
  • Receive frequent emails on unique opportunities
  • Chapter Specific Scholarships
And More!


Featured Projects.

Our leadership department specializes in starting new initiatives from scratch, and providing all of the support needed to ensure that they can be successful. We invite people with all levels of leadership experience to join, and look forward to helping to start more projects to make an even bigger positive impact in our community. Our Department Executive consists of a dedicated and effective team of leaders who make the decisions necessary to ensure all of our projects can progress efficiently, and all of our members enjoy a fulfilling experience.


Make a Real Difference.

Academics 100%
Leadership 100%
Service 100%

The University of Alberta Golden Key Fundraising Committee organizes fundraising events to raise money for local charities and non-profit groups. This year we plan on having two or three fundraising projects. Vitalus, a benefit concert and silent auction, has been held annually since 2012, and we’ll be putting on an even better show this year! The other events are still to be determined by the committee, and all proceeds raised will go towards Camp He Ho Ha, a summer camp for individuals with disabilities. If you have any great fundraising ideas, would like to become a member of the fundraising committee, or are interested in performing in Vitalus 2014, please contact Amanda.

We want you to join! This is a new committee that will focus on one of Golden Key’s 3 pillars, leadership. Our goals are to enhance the leadership skills of our members both by giving them opportunities to lead teams and through professional development sessions, and to use our leadership skills to make a positive impact in our community.  This committee is for all experience levels, has a number of exciting projects to work on, and provides volunteer opportunities. Please let Brayden know if you’re interested in joining or have any questions, and check out the Leadership Department section of the website (top menu).

The Literacy program offered by Golden Key works to promote literacy in the Edmonton area  through the volunteering efforts of Golden Key members. Last year, our chapter established and maintained a collaboration with the International Centre here at the University of Alberta. Over 120 Golden Key members signed up to help with a tutoring program, to be general event volunteers at the International Centre, and to be peer mentors and help international students get adjusted to city and campus life. Thus far, our help has been greatly appreciated and we hope to greatly improve and extend our program this year. If you have any questions about the program or if you wish to be a part of it, please email Orysya.

GK-CDPI focuses on raising awareness about prevention mechanisms for generalized chronic diseases in the form of presentations and interactive lessons for children at elementary schools and, hopefully, old age homes. This committee combines all three pillars of Golden Key and is an extremely valuable asset for anyone who wants to get into medicine (paediatrics/geriatrics), education, nursing, public health and anyone else interested in educating communities about a healthy lifestyle. This committee is the first of its kind in any country with Golden Key chapters! To sign up or for more information, please contact Shubham.

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